Kenyan woman thrives thanks to DSW’s youth-to-youth intervention

DSW’s youth-to-youth programme unleashes the potential of Kenyan woman

Collins Baswony Kenya, Uncategorised, Youth Empowerment


Esther Mbuthia is an outside caterer living and working in Nairobi

In 2012, DSW trained Esther as part of her youth group ‘Pamoja Tuinuke’ (Together we rise) on entrepreneurship through the youth-to-youth programme.

As part of the training programme, ‘Pamoja tuinuke’ was granted outside catering implements to help them start their business. The implements they received included ‘chefing dishes’, cooking pots, charcoal cookers, plates and cups.

“After that training, we ventured into business as a group. I saved part of my income, went back to school and because of that, I now run my own business,” Esther said.

According to Esther, the training helped her learn to save, know how to go about starting and running her business. Consequently, Esther says that she is I able to provide for herself.

“Some of the skills we learnt included saving, budgeting and proper record keeping,” Esther said.

Apart from being employed, Esther now runs her own catering business.

“I have employed four other chefs who work with me when I have outside catering assignments. They are also benefiting from ability to run my business,” Esther said.

DSW runs the Youth-to-Youth Initiative which aims to empower youth to play an active role in improving Sexual & Reproductive Health in their communities and their countries, through peer education, advocacy and income-generating activities.