The Celebration of National Anti – FGM Day in Kilindi District, Tanga Region- Tanzania

Philomena Marijani Economic Empowerment, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Tanzania

DSW    participated in a National Anti – FGM Day in Kilindi District in Tanga Region in February 17, 2018.  The program was organized by AMREF Health for Africa  in marking  of International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Day which is celebrated each year in February 06.  DSW Tanzania  was invited by AMREF to take part in this event in increasing  community sensitization and awareness  on the issues related  to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Education and Gender to Kilindi District  community . The Guest of Honor for the event was Tanzania Deputy Minister of Health, Community Development, Gender, Children and Elders, Honorable Dr. Faustine Ndungulile.

DSW  educates  the Kilindi Community   on the Effects of Female Genital Mutilation

DSW Tanzania used this important event to educate the Kilindi citizens especially the  Maasai Community who are the majority in the area on the effect of Teenage Pregnancy and Female Genital Mutilation through the Video show.  The Video show stimulates discussion among the Maasai Community on the consequences of FGM and its elimination and the importance of parents to support education for their children. Consequently, it increased more awareness and commitment regarding the Anti- FGM for the parents and leaders  and girls made promises to be away from the risky behaviors and peer pressure.


During the Video Show Rehema Kamando, a nurse from Handeni District Hospital in Tanga made a statement regarding video and testimonial for her success. “Through this video   I have learned that most of the girls are being deceived by boys using money and other materials things. I advise my fellow young girls to stop being entraps by boys money and focus on their studies. I am a Maasai Girl, educated and now a civil servant because I was full dedicated to my studies and stay away from all temptations and risk behaviours,” said Rehema

 The Guest of Honor, Tanzania Deputy Minister of Health, Community Development, Gender and Children, Dr. Faustine Ndungulile officiate the event

Ms. Philomena Marijani, DSW Tanzania Communications Coordinator explained DSW works to The Guest of Honor, Tanzania Deputy Minister of Health Hon. Dr. Faustine Ndugulile


DSW made the exhibition of its programmatic works in Tanzania. The Deputy Minister of Health, Community Development, Gender, Children and Elders, Honorable Dr. Faustine Ndungulile visited DSW exhibition.

The event was very colorful   with many traditional performances from Maasai boys and girls, testimonials from Maasai Leaders Laibon, Lweganan and women their commitment in stopping of the FGM in their community and the various speeches.

In his speech the Guest of Honor, Deputy Minister of Health Honourable Dr. Faustine Ndugulile congratulated the Maasai community of Elerai in Kilindi for their  progress in Education issues.  He said that the fifth Government under the Leadership of President John Pombe Magufuli has greatly invested in education development in the country. “Our President   Honorable John Pombe Magufuli wants all the children to go to school and education is free for every child in Tanzania. If we want to do investment I advise you that investment in education to our children is lifelong investment” said the Deputy Minister

The Deputy Minister also appreciates the works of development partners such as AMREF, DSW Tanzania, World Vision and UN agencies for their involvement in this initiative.

He  applaud AMREF for their  great achievement for community engagement and sensitization  on Anti – FGM at Kilindi District.” I like your approaches that you have been engage different groups in tackling this problem such as Moran, Lweganan, Women and Children in your interventions”, said the Deputy Minister

DSW Tanzania Anti – FGM Project

DSW Tanzania Country Director, Mr. Peter Owaga hands over an irrigation pump to one of the member of Youth Club Drusila Robson


One of the youth speaks before handing over of the irrigation pumps. Others in the photo are DSW Tanzania Country Director and staff, Arusha Regional Youth Development Officer, and police officers from gender desk

DSW Tanzania through its Anti – FGM Project has been doing many interventions to  advocate for   young people access   sexual and reproductive health services  and rights;  ending  Gender Based Violence and Discrimination and economic empowerment for youth.

Some of the activities conducted in implementing these initiatives are equipping the young people with entrepreneurial skills and tools. For example some of the DSW youth clubs have been supported by irrigation pumps   for their Income Generating Activities. The entrepreneurial skills have enabled the youth girls to establish their own business and keep away from Gender Based Violence.

DSW has been also working with the police officers from Gender Desk to   build their capacity in their roles   in prevention as well as   supporting survivors, women and children from Sexual Gender Based Violence.