Y2Y: East African youth need education, employment and health!

Eoghan Walsh Youth Empowerment

East Africa’s population is young. 64 per cent of the population – an estimated 251 million people are below age 25. Life is not always easy for them. We asked Kennedy Mambo Chande, Y2Y (Youth to Youth) Coordinator at DSW, to tell us about the challenges and opportunities of the East African youth generation.

DSW’s Y2Y initiative – The plan for 2015

Kennedy Chande Youth Empowerment

My name is Kennedy Mambo Chande, International Project Coordinator (IPC) with DSW, supporting Programme management and in charge of the overall coordination of the Youth to Youth (Y2Y) initiative. I work with DSW Kenya and I am very passionate about the work that we do in youth and community development.

DSW Youth Meet-Up 2018 – introducing our youth advocates!

Eoghan Walsh Empower

Last week we introduced our Youth Meet-up 2018 – our effort, alongside partners Dance4Life and CHOICE, to get youth voices heard in the hall of power in Brussels. We are kicking off our activities today, so it’s a good time to introduce our awesome youth advocates who will be in Brussels this week! We’re thrilled to have a broad mix …

Youth Health through Sports – DSW Tanzania Youth Cup

Philomena Marijani Empower

DSW Tanzania has launched a Youth Health Sport Initiative in May 2018 to strengthening its youth engagement in the areas of Health and economic empowerment. The build-up of initiative looks at mobilizing young people to engage in productive activities to enhance talents and education on health and economic empowerment. The DSW Youth Cup will engage youth in the regions of …

From DSW to Action 4 Health Uganda: interview with Bernard Tusiime

Eoghan Walsh Foster

New organisation meets personal success story: Dr. Bernard Tusiime, who joined DSW in 2006, is now the CEO of Action 4 Health Uganda. A4HU has taken over the operations of DSW Uganda, and remains affiliated to DSW in Germany. We asked Bernard three questions about his journey, lessons learned, and future dreams.   You joined DSW Uganda 12 years ago. …

The Celebration of International Women’s Day in Tanzania; more efforts towards Gender equality, women empowerment and Achievements of Sustainable Development Goals

Philomena Marijani Empower

Tanzania has joined other countries in the world in celebration for International Women’s Day in March 08, 2018.  The day was commemorated by women from various sectors gathering together and portraying different messages and activities. The theme for this year is Towards an Industrial Economy: Strengthening Gender Equality and Rural Women Empowerment DSW Participation in International Women’s Day in Dar …

DSW in 2016 – dispatch from Ethiopia

Feyera Assefa Advance

      In the summer of 1994, right after the first International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) took event in Cairo, Egypt at which DSW participated; a new thinking had paved the path for a platform to an active campaign of SRHR issues in Ethiopia by DSW. Prior to its proactive engagement that eventually led to the opening …

DSW in 2016 – dispatch from Tanzania

Peter Owaga Advance

DSW Tanzania is a DSW Country Office registered as a development and advocacy organisation. Our goal is to enable people to decide freely and responsibly about the number and spacing of their children. We believe that a person’s access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) is both a fundamental human right and a crucial step towards eliminating global poverty. Our …

DSW Ethiopia: SRH Youth Clubs Exhibit Best Practices

Esayas Meskel Enhance

For fifth time in a row, the annual performances of best practices by SRH youth clubs have been reviewed by DSW in the presence of key stakeholders on January 2, 2017 at DSW-Bonita Youth Development Center. To mark the occasion, representatives from forty-six youth clubs have exhibited their best practices. During this annual review meeting, the effectiveness of club-based approach …

Kenya: International Youth Day 2016

Collins Baswony Youth Empowerment

Youth have fun, empower their peers about sexual and reproductive health to mark International Youth Day 2016 Youth-to-Youth (Y2Y) members in Nairobi conducted four days of activities building up to the International Youth Day, commemorated annually on the 12th of August. The activities, which included a football tournament, a beauty pageant, community outreach as well as a community cleanup event, …