World Contraception Day 2018 in Ethiopia

Esayas Meskel Ethiopia, Population Dynamics

In partnership with Bayer, German-based multinational pharmaceuticals, the World Contraception Day (WCD) was commemorated on October 22nd 2018 at DSW Youth Development Training Center in Debrezeit (Bishoftu), Ethiopia. This year’s key message was “Your Life, Your Future.” A half-day occasion, which saw the attendance of about seventy enthusiastic in-and-out of school youth, was being spent on a panel discussion. Nearly …

Mombasa County Family Planning Costed Implementation Plan Launch PHOTO/DSW

Kenya: Launch of costed implementation plans promise residents of Mombasa, Nandi better family planning services  

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  Two DSW partner counties in Kenya launched their family planning costed implementation plans while commemorating World Population Day 2018. The County Governments of Mombasa and Nandi launched their five year family planning costed implementation plans, articulating their family planning priorities, as well as the required budgetary needs.

Silvia poses with her mother

“I’ll have a better future than my mum“: peer educator Silvia talks about Kenyan Mother’s Day traditions

Eoghan Walsh Kenya, Population Dynamics, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Success Stories, Youth Empowerment

INTERVIEW: MALENE HUMMEL / TRANSLATION: RENA FÖHR & EOGHAN WALSH Silvia Bulali is a 25-year-old peer educator trained by DSW Kenya. She teaches young people about sexual health and contraception. Today, Silvia tells us about Kenyan Mother’s Day traditions and how it is being a mother in her country. Silvia, how is Mother’s Day celebrated in Kenya? Silvia: we show …

How can we achieve universal access to SRHR? Three key lessons from the new Guttmacher-Lancet report

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Almost everyone in the world will lack access to sexual and reproductive health services at some point in their life. This is one of the most alarming findings of a ground-breaking new report on SRHR recently published by the Guttmacher-Lancet Commission. But there’s good news too: fixing this situation would be affordable, and have a positive impact not only on health, …

Kenya: Residents of Nakuru County set to benefit from better family planning services

Kenya: Residents of Nakuru County set to benefit from better family planning services

Collins Baswony Kenya, Population Dynamics, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Success Stories

The County Government of Nakuru, a DSW’s partner county in Kenya, launched its family planning costed implementation plan for the next five years in a bid to improve family planning service delivery. The Nakuru County Family Planning Costed Implementation Plan 2017 – 2021 is a five-year roadmap designed to help the County Government of Nakuru achieve its family planning goals …

Invest in youth friendly sexual and reproductive health services

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By Dr. George Kamau In the last 12 months, fresh data has been published confirming that Kenya’s teenagers and youth are struggling with their sexuality. According to the National AIDS Control Council, AIDS is the leading cause of death and morbidity among adolescents and young people in Kenya. Approximately 29% of all new HIV infections in Kenya are among adolescents …

120 under 40 GeNext

120 under 40: DSW project officer selected as family planning leader of tomorrow!

Eoghan Walsh News, Population Dynamics, Uganda

DSW has been working for 25 years to encourage a generation of young people in East Africa to become leaders in their communities, fighting for better access and education around family planning and sexual and reproductive health and rights. It makes us hugely proud, then, when one of our colleagues working in the region is selected as a global youth …

Family Planning in East Africa: partnering to increase funding

Imali Ngusale Kenya, Population Dynamics

In late august, we were delighted to welcome to Mombasa some of our closest partners in family planning advocacy. The purpose of the invitation was to bring our collaborators around the table to discuss how we can better improve access to funding for family planning in East Africa. With the economic context always evolving, and donor organisations and governments regularly …

Celebrating World Population Day in Ethiopia!

Esayas Meskel Ethiopia, Population Dynamics, Support for Girls in Development

DSW Ethiopia Observes World Population Day ‘World Population Day’ was celebrated here in Ethiopia under the theme of “Investing in Teenage Girls.” This year’s World Population Day was observed in Ethiopia for the 23rd time since 1993. This year, the Amhara regional capital, Bahir Dar, hosted an event to honour world population day both at national and regional levels. A series …

Kenya: DSW midwifes formation of team to increase investment in family planning

Collins Baswony Kenya, Population Dynamics

Uasin Gishu County’s reproductive Health coordinator Melly Samuel at a technical working group meeting PHOTO: Tashrifa Silayi/DSW Uasin Gishu County in Kenya now has a functional sexual and reproductive health technical working group to help in addressing challenges facing family planning in the county[1]. The working group, which was formed in June 2016, comprises of health officers from the national …

#EndTeenagePregnancyKE: A call to action against teenage pregnancy in Kenya.

Collins Baswony Kenya, Population Dynamics, Sexual and Reproductive Health

DSW’s Samuel Gathondu (in the DSW branded T-shirt) briefs Kenya’s Devolution and Planning Cabinet Secretary Mr. Mwangi Kiunjuri about DSW’s work with young people in Kenya during the 2016 World Population Day commemoration event in Nairobi Kenya joined the rest of the world in calling for investment in teenage girls by tackling teenage pregnancies in the country during this year’s …

Kenya: Implement the national adolescent sexual and reproductive health policy to stem teenage pregnancies

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School children sign a petition during the 2016 world population day commemoration event in Nairobi, Kenya Kenya joins the rest of the world in commemorating this year’s World Population Day at a time when the country is grappling with increasing reports of pregnancy among school going girls. The reports of pregnant school girls highlighted by the media, are just the …

Kenya must keep up efforts to tackle malnutrition, the hidden threat to the country’s development

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By George Kamau Today, it is estimated that the world produces enough food to feed 10 billion people against a population of just over 7.4 billion people. Despite this almost 1 billion people go hungry every day. Over and above the 1 billion people who go hungry every day, another 1 billion people are undernourished, meaning that they suffer from …

International Women’s Day 2016: What about access to reproductive health services for Kenyan women and girls?

Collins Baswony Global Health, Population Dynamics

By Dr. George Kamau Today, Kenya joins the rest of the world in celebrating our women as we commemorate International Women’s Day 2016. We, as a country, can use the International Women’s Day as an opportunity to evaluate and renew our commitment to improve the well-being of our women and girls. Kenya stands to reap greatly from investing in girls …

Demographic Health Survey: Kenya shows big improvements in family health and household environment

Howard Akimala HIV & AIDS, Population Dynamics, Sexual and Reproductive Health

Kenya has made significant steps in family health indicators over the past five years as indicated in the just released Demographic Health Survey (KDHS). Results from the 2014 KDHS show a continued decline in the total fertility rate (TFR). Fertility decreased from 4.6 in 2008-09 to 3.9 in 2014, the lowest TFR ever recorded in Kenya. This is corroborated by …