“We need more money for R&D on diseases of poverty!” – an interview with DSW

Eoghan Walsh Global Health, HIV & AIDS, Poverty-Related and Neglected Diseases

This interview originally appeared on Rural 21, The International Journal for Rural Development. To read the original, please read it here. Given the magnitude of the problem, spending on research into poverty-related and neglected tropical diseases is by far not sufficient. Are experiences with the recent Ebola epidemic and the resolutions adopted by this year’s G7 Conferences going to bring about …

The G7 in Germany – a Summit of mixed results

Shane O'Halloran Development Cooperation, Global Health, HIV & AIDS, Poverty-Related and Neglected Diseases, Sexual and Reproductive Health

Update – a blog by our good friend in Brussels Fraser Goodwin, of Save the Children, has an excellent and more forensic dissection of the results. Read it here. Tuesday saw the end of the G7 Summit in Germany. While we at DSW were delighted to see so many of our issues highlighted during the course of the gathering, the …

DSW, development issues, and Jeffrey Sachs at the CPD!

Irina Development Cooperation, Population Dynamics, Sexual and Reproductive Health

It’s definitely not every day, that you get to see a world-renowned economics professor and “saviour” of Bolivia and Poland up close and personal – okay, the latter may be a bit of a stretch and, to be honest, it is from the subtitle of a Vanity Fair portrait. Still, Jeffrey Sachs is somewhat of a pop star of development, …

Two hearts in one chest – a plea to broaden Education for Sustainable Development

Lisa Goerlitz Development Cooperation, Poverty-Related and Neglected Diseases, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Youth Empowerment

In the light of Valentine ’s Day, and for the sake of an intriguing title, this first blog post I am writing as advocacy officer at DSW will be about the ’two hearts’ in my (work life-) chest, aka political education and political communication. For the past six years, I have been equally passionate about both, working as a freelance …

Partners come together to ask Germany to do more for Gavi!

Shane O'Halloran Development Cooperation, Global Health, HIV & AIDS, Support for Girls in Development

With the upcoming Gavi replenishment conference set to take place in Germany in January 2015, the Gavi civil society organisation (CSO) Constituency and Steering Committee sent a letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel asking for Germany to do more for children in need of immunisation and to avert unnecessary deaths.

German MPs debate sexual violence in conflict situations

Eoghan Walsh Development Cooperation, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Support for Girls in Development

On Thursday this week, members of DSW’s all-parliamentary party group (APPG) of the Bundestag came together in Berlin to talk about the dreadful impact of “sexual violence in conflicts”. The high number of participants – in particular of MPs from the Green party – demonstrated the importance placed on the issue, and the concern of MPs around it. Karin Nordmeyer, chair of the …