WIW 2016 – Aeras: partnering to advance the best TB vaccine science

Eoghan Walsh Youth Empowerment

For the final article of our coverage of World Immunisation Week and the future of vaccines, Ann M. Ginsberg, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer at Aeras – a nonprofit biotechnology organisation developing new, effective tuberculosis (TB) vaccines that are affordable and accessible to all who need them – give us an insight into the opportunities and challenges facing organisations involved in vaccine research. For the …

5 technologies that are obsolete…and 1 that should be. Or, why the TB vaccine needs to go the way of the cassette tape

Eoghan Walsh Youth Empowerment

  The 20th century was witness to revolutionary inventions and public health advances. We conquered polio and smallpox. We invented the internet, mastered organ transplant and empowered millions of people around the world to leave extreme poverty behind. Many of the technological marvels of the last 100 years have now been made obsolete by better and more efficient technology. Take …

The EU’s response to Zika: Old wine in new bottles?

Cecile Vernant Youth Empowerment

This article was originally published by EurActiv.  Having been on the cusp of announcing an end to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa at the end of 2015, we have been plunged into another public health emergency as the scale and spread of the Zika virus has grown. As with Ebola, the Zika outbreak in Brazil and its later spread …

To meet the global goals, UN must include health R&D indicators in SDG framework

Eoghan Walsh Youth Empowerment

This article was originally posted by Erin Will Morton, the Director at our partners Global Health Technology Coalition. You can read the original article here. Later this month global leaders are poised to approve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but a new report commissioned by a leading group of health non-profits including GHTC warns that the SDG targets will not be …

The new European Commission and global health: a new outlook?

Cecile Vernant Youth Empowerment

Tomorrow, on November 1st, the new College of Commissioners of the European Union will take office. As the world’s largest donor of development assistance, Cecile Vernant of DSW asks what will change with the new European Commission and global health.

EDCTP and the UK: A Little Known Success Story

Eoghan Walsh Youth Empowerment

Occasionally we host guest editorials for partners and colleagues from across the global health community. To mark the launch of the #LetsSaveLives campaign – pushing for increased investment for global health R&D to fight diseases of poverty – today we are delighted to host a guest piece from Laura Boughey, Health Advocacy Co-ordinator at RESULTS UK, originally published here. She …

#LetsSaveLives: If you do one thing today, support global health research and development

Renate Baehr Youth Empowerment

Working for DSW for over 20 years, I have witnessed the terrible suffering that HIV & AIDS, malaria, TB, and other neglected tropical diseases wreak on people living in poverty. These awful diseases rob millions of young people of their futures. They have disastrous consequences for families and communities. They are responsible for holding back huge numbers of people across …