Why we need to stamp out malaria – now!

Shane O'Halloran Global Health, Malaria

This is a story about a boy called John. John is ten years old and lives with his parents and four siblings in a rundown shack in the Korogocho slum area of Nairobi. John is bright for his age, attends school, and has dreams of becoming a professional footballer someday. Although his family doesn’t have much, they make do with …

Partners come together to ask Germany to do more for Gavi!

Shane O'Halloran Development Cooperation, Global Health, HIV & AIDS, Support for Girls in Development

With the upcoming Gavi replenishment conference set to take place in Germany in January 2015, the Gavi civil society organisation (CSO) Constituency and Steering Committee sent a letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel asking for Germany to do more for children in need of immunisation and to avert unnecessary deaths.

Why invest in R&D for HIV, TB and Malaria? Because it’s good for global health, and good for Europe

Eoghan Walsh Global Health, HIV & AIDS, Poverty-Related and Neglected Diseases

Support for global health is at the core of DSW’s advocacy work. One of the four focus areas for the organisation is to have global health policies and financing include and support SRHR. We recognise at DSW recognises the urgent need to improve the global health situation, and we continue to advocate for health improvements in low- and middle-income countries. …