Silvia poses with her mother

“I’ll have a better future than my mum“: peer educator Silvia talks about Kenyan Mother’s Day traditions

Rena Foehr Empower

INTERVIEW: MALENE HUMMEL / TRANSLATION: RENA FÖHR & EOGHAN WALSH Silvia Bulali is a 25-year-old peer educator trained by DSW Kenya. She teaches young people about sexual health and contraception. Today, Silvia tells us about Kenyan Mother’s Day traditions and how it is being a mother in her country. Silvia, how is Mother’s Day celebrated in Kenya? Silvia: we show …

Mother’s Day – How DSW Uganda has honoured, and rejoiced in maternal bonds and the power of mothers

Julie Najjunju Youth Empowerment

  The Save the Children Report, State of Motherhood 2014, “Saving Mothers and Children in Humanitarian crisis” states that each day 16 women die trying to give life in Uganda while an estimated 800 mothers and 18,000 young children around the world die from largely preventable causes.   Last year Uganda Population Secretariat reported that of the 1.2 million pregnancies …