How much do you know about obsolete technology? Take the quiz and help us #maketbobsolete!

Eoghan Walsh Youth Empowerment

The 20th century was witness to revolutionary inventions and public health advances. Think you know about yesterday’s innovations and today’s obsolete technology, and what replaced it? Take the quiz below and learn just why it is so amazing that the TB vaccine endures! [qzzr quiz=”187354″ width=”100%” height=”auto” redirect=”true” offset=”0″]

World AIDS Day 2015: We have ‘never been closer’ to a medical breakthrough

Eoghan Walsh Youth Empowerment

To mark World AIDS Day 2015 two champions of the fight against diseases of poverty in the European Parliament, Theresa Griffin and Linda McAvan (both MEPs), write at The Parliament Magazine about how we can harness innovation to turn the tide on HIV and AIDS. Read the original article here. As the European Year for Development draws to a close this …

Gavi Replenishment 2015: Healthy children with a healthy future – a better world is within our grasp

Renate Baehr Youth Empowerment

This is a year of opportunity. Not only will 2015 see the birth of a new development framework to ensure global sustainability, it will also be the year when the world’s nations help secure a better future for millions of children living in poverty.

Why invest in R&D for HIV, TB and Malaria? Because it’s good for global health, and good for Europe

Eoghan Walsh Youth Empowerment

Support for global health is at the core of DSW’s advocacy work. One of the four focus areas for the organisation is to have global health policies and financing include and support SRHR. We recognise at DSW recognises the urgent need to improve the global health situation, and we continue to advocate for health improvements in low- and middle-income countries. …