Lilian Mokobi, 24, with her baby in Kibera, Nairobi

What are my rights? Sexual and reproductive health and rights in Africa

Shane O'Halloran Foster

Do you know what your rights are? Do you really have the rights you are entitled to? 51 out of 54 African countries have committed to ensuring women’s rights as enshrined in a continental policy commitment known as the Maputo Protocol. But the reality is, 15 years after the Maputo Protocol was conceived, many women across Africa still do not have these fundamental …

WPD 2015: taking stock of the MDGs (pt. 2): Gender Equality

Eoghan Walsh Youth Empowerment

Improving the position of girls and women around the world was an important touchstone for the Millennium Development Goals. But, was it at the core of the MDGs agenda? Have the last 15 years shown a marked improvement for girls and young women across a range of issues – access to education and the workforce, accountability, and political representation? And, …