WHO on World TB Day: “The world’s most dangerous infectious killer”

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World Tuberculosis Day, falling on March 24 each year, brings attention to a disease that affects one third of the world but is poorly understood by many people. To get an expert insight into the current state of the fight against TB, we spoke to Dr Mario Raviglione, Director of the Global TB Programme at the World Health Organization (WHO).

5 technologies that are obsolete…and 1 that should be. Or, why the TB vaccine needs to go the way of the cassette tape

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  The 20th century was witness to revolutionary inventions and public health advances. We conquered polio and smallpox. We invented the internet, mastered organ transplant and empowered millions of people around the world to leave extreme poverty behind. Many of the technological marvels of the last 100 years have now been made obsolete by better and more efficient technology. Take …

How much do you know about obsolete technology? Take the quiz and help us #maketbobsolete!

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The 20th century was witness to revolutionary inventions and public health advances. Think you know about yesterday’s innovations and today’s obsolete technology, and what replaced it? Take the quiz below and learn just why it is so amazing that the TB vaccine endures! [qzzr quiz=”187354″ width=”100%” height=”auto” redirect=”true” offset=”0″]

Let’s Save Lives celebrated World TB Day at the European Parliament – a busy week!

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To celebrate World TB Day, and to mark the end of the “Let’s Save Lives” campaign DSW and partners got together for a Twitter chat on how research & development and innovation can support the fight against diseases of poverty and improve global health. Join the conversation on Wednesday March 25th.

Save the Date: DSW celebrates World TB Day in the European Parliament

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On the occasion of World Tuberculosis (TB) on 24 March 2015, join Theresa Griffin MEP and DSW at an evening cocktail reception to mark the closing of the “Let’s Save Lives” campaign – a five-month campaign calling for the EU to increase political support for global health research and development targeted at diseases such as TB, malaria and HIV & …