From DSW to Action 4 Health Uganda: interview with Bernard Tusiime

Eoghan Walsh Foster

New organisation meets personal success story: Dr. Bernard Tusiime, who joined DSW in 2006, is now the CEO of Action 4 Health Uganda. A4HU has taken over the operations of DSW Uganda, and remains affiliated to DSW in Germany. We asked Bernard three questions about his journey, lessons learned, and future dreams.   You joined DSW Uganda 12 years ago. …

Big, colourful, international: celebrating the launch of Action 4 Health Uganda

Rena Foehr Foster

IN COOPERATION WITH BERNARD TUSIIME / ACTION 4 HEALTH UGANDA Action 4 Health Uganda (A4HU) is a new youth empowerment organisation dedicated to mainstream young people’s engagement in socio-economic development and promoting sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR). It was registered as an entity to take over the operations of DSW Uganda, and remains affiliated to DSW in Germany. This …

ena, Alice and Njeri having lunch in the centre of Nairobi

Sex and Nairobi City: Three very different women talk contraception, consent, and sex education.

Rena Foehr Empower

What is it like to be a woman in Kenya, in Germany, and in England? On International Women’s Day, DSW’s Alice, Njeri and Rena talk about condom exhibitions, not being able to afford contraception, and what we demand from our governments.   Tell us about your sex education in school?  Njeri: In Kenya, we didn’t learn about contraceptives in school. We …

Family Planning: between catastrophe, catchpenny policies and consolidated commitments

Stephanie Wutzke Foster

Family Planning and the Empowering of Youth on National and Transnational Grounds By reintroducing the Global Gag Rule, the Trump administration has laid down yet another benchmark on their path away from global solidarity and cooperation. The rule gags international NGOs inter alia over offering advice about legal abortion as a requirement in order to receive family planning funding from …

New Guttmacher Study: Better Access, Improved Support, More Research!

Shane O'Halloran Advance

Time is ticking, fast, particularly for very young adolescents aged 10-14 years old. This is a stage in life that is characterised by rapid physical changes, such as the onset of puberty. It also includes very dynamic social and emotional situations that include first-time intimate and sexual experiences for some, as found in a recent study conducted by the Guttmacher …

I am not going to talk about it

Shane O'Halloran Foster

Today, on the occasion of the release of the latest WHO annual World Health Statistics report, I have decided that I am not going to talk about: The fact that more than 3,000 young adolescents die every single day from causes that are largely preventable. The fact that the leading cause of death for girls and young women aged 15–19, …

120 under 40 GeNext

120 under 40: DSW project officer selected as family planning leader of tomorrow!

Eoghan Walsh Youth Empowerment

DSW has been working for 25 years to encourage a generation of young people in East Africa to become leaders in their communities, fighting for better access and education around family planning and sexual and reproductive health and rights. It makes us hugely proud, then, when one of our colleagues working in the region is selected as a global youth …

Global handwashing day: Preventing diarrheal diseases with soap and water

Howard Akimala Youth Empowerment

Global Handwashing Day is a global advocacy day dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of hand washing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives. It is celebrated on 15th October each year and provides an opportunity to design, test, and replicate creative ways to encourage people to wash their hands …

Kenya launches HIV situation room

Howard Akimala Youth Empowerment

NAIROBI: Kenya has launched a HIV situation room that will continuously present the HIV Reproduction, Maternal, Neo-natal and Child Health (RMNCH) situation in the country. This was part of the commitment made by the Ministry of Health during the launch of the All In! Global campaign on fast tracking the HIV response among children, adolescents and young people. During a …

Y2Y: East African youth need education, employment and health!

Eoghan Walsh Youth Empowerment

East Africa’s population is young. 64 per cent of the population – an estimated 251 million people are below age 25. Life is not always easy for them. We asked Kennedy Mambo Chande, Y2Y (Youth to Youth) Coordinator at DSW, to tell us about the challenges and opportunities of the East African youth generation.

International Youth Day 2015 – Girls, girls girls!

Eoghan Walsh Youth Empowerment

International Youth Day 2015 has as its theme youth civic engagement. As the UN rightly recognizes, involving young people in the decisions taken by governments and politicians is vital if national and international commitments are to be met and we are able to achieve sustainable human development. However, most of the time the opportunities for young people to engage politically, …

International Youth Day 2015: Youth civic engagement

Howard Akimala Youth Empowerment

Kenya joined the rest of the world on August 12 to mark International Youth day. The theme for this year’s celebrations was “Youth Civic engagement” and sought to explore how the youth have engaged themselves in governance and political processes. Through a coalition of youth organizations known as ‘Action 2015’, DSW Kenya and other CSOs have been running a series …

Celebrating World Population Day in Uganda – a visit from the President

Eoghan Walsh Youth Empowerment

On 12th July 1987 the world’s population reached the five billion mark. To acknowledge this, the United Nations designated this day World Population Day, to be observed annually. The commemoration of this day gives each UN member state an opportunity to take stock of the achievements made towards improving the quality population. This day has been used to highlight challenges that …

Making Development Accountable: Youth Accountability and the Sustainable Development Goals

Eoghan Walsh Youth Empowerment

If you read the blog, you will know that DSW will be actively participating in the European Development Days, the annual gathering of international development experts in Brussels this week, with several panel discussions and debates. With youth empowerment a core part of our work, we are pleased to be working with partners on a session on youth accountability for …

DSW’s Y2Y initiative – The plan for 2015

Kennedy Chande Youth Empowerment

My name is Kennedy Mambo Chande, International Project Coordinator (IPC) with DSW, supporting Programme management and in charge of the overall coordination of the Youth to Youth (Y2Y) initiative. I work with DSW Kenya and I am very passionate about the work that we do in youth and community development.