Family Planning: between catastrophe, catchpenny policies and consolidated commitments

Stephanie Wutzke HIV & AIDS, Imagine2030, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Support for Girls in Development, Youth Empowerment

Family Planning and the Empowering of Youth on National and Transnational Grounds By reintroducing the Global Gag Rule, the Trump administration has laid down yet another benchmark on their path away from global solidarity and cooperation. The rule gags international NGOs inter alia over offering advice about legal abortion as a requirement in order to receive family planning funding from …

DSW’s Women Deliver Daily Diary – Day 1: “Sisters are doin’ it for themselves”

Eoghan Walsh Development Cooperation, News, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Support for Girls in Development, Youth Empowerment

The sound of “Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves” (more on the Eurythmics below) subsided as over 5,000 people from all over the world shuffled into the main plenary hall at Copenhagen’s Bella Center. Women Deliver President Jill Sheffield took the stage, welcomed the crowd and introduced the first speaker. The fourth Women Deliver conference was underway. DSW at Women Deliver – …

Empowering Young Adolescents in Kenya!

Shane O'Halloran Development Cooperation, HIV & AIDS, Support for Girls in Development, Youth Empowerment

From March 9 to 10, DSW hosted an event to celebrate the amazing outcomes as a result of the Young Adolescents Project (YAP) in Kenya. This project was established by DSW, in collaboration with Bayer AG, in 2012 to address many of the challenges facing young people living within in Kilifi County, a region of Kenya. Before the start of …

DSW Board Members Tour Projects in Ethiopia

Esayas Meskel Development Cooperation, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Youth Empowerment

A team of four DSW’s Board members, including one of its two founders, Mr. Dirk Rossmann along with other three associates led by Renate Baehr, Executive Director of DSW made a four-day long excursion from 17 to 21 October 2015 touring around DSW’s projects in Ethiopia. This rare occasion has already heightened its relevance as the 10th Year Anniversary of …

WCD Reflections – know your choices

Howard Akimala Population Dynamics, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Youth Empowerment

During the recent World Contraception Day celebrations on September 26, DSW took time out to talk to some youth in Mombasa on what the day meant to them. While there is no universal understanding of how the day came about, many of them recognise the increasing role they have to play in ensuring a sustainable population. Juma Hassan (not his …

World Contraception Day 2015 – 5 facts you probably didn’t know about SEX

Eoghan Walsh Population Dynamics, Sexual and Reproductive Health

World Contraception Day 2015 is just around the corner – tomorrow – so we thought it was high time that we educated our readers on sex. but, we figured, you know all about why and when to use condoms and other types of contraception. So instead we thought we would bring you some little-known facts about all things sex and contraception!

Celebrating World Population Day in Uganda – a visit from the President

Eoghan Walsh Development Cooperation, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Support for Girls in Development, Youth Empowerment

On 12th July 1987 the world’s population reached the five billion mark. To acknowledge this, the United Nations designated this day World Population Day, to be observed annually. The commemoration of this day gives each UN member state an opportunity to take stock of the achievements made towards improving the quality population. This day has been used to highlight challenges that …

Kenya: Senate to debate Reproductive Health Care Bill

Howard Akimala Sexual and Reproductive Health, Youth Empowerment

The Senate in Kenya is currently debating the Reproductive Health Care Bill which among other things proposes to facilitate the provision of adolescent –friendly reproductive health and sexual health information and education. The Bill also obligates national and county governments to provide contraceptives and family planning services, including contraceptive options, counseling, information and education. According to the mover of the …

Making Development Accountable: Youth Accountability and the Sustainable Development Goals

Eoghan Walsh Development Cooperation, Youth Empowerment

If you read the blog, you will know that DSW will be actively participating in the European Development Days, the annual gathering of international development experts in Brussels this week, with several panel discussions and debates. With youth empowerment a core part of our work, we are pleased to be working with partners on a session on youth accountability for …

Ugandan National Advocacy Strategy – launch in Kampala

Julie Najjunju Development Cooperation, Population Dynamics, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Youth Empowerment

The Population Secretariat, through the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, launched the Ugandan National Advocacy Strategy at Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala on Friday, February 27th.  DSW as a key stakeholder and strategic advocacy partner was invited to attend this ceremony.