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Health Workers in Many Kenyan Clinics Brave Community Health Care Alone

2014-11-24 14:45:11 | Posted by Howard Akimala

Kenya, with only 11.8 health workers per 10,000 people (more than 40% below WHO’s recommendation of 22.8 per 10,000), is one of 57 countries — including 36 in Sub-Saharan Africa — with a critical shortage of health workers.Many local health...

SRHR communication still a challenge along Kenya Coast

2014-11-21 19:00:21 | Posted by Howard Akimala

A recent survey conducted by DSW in Kilifi County (Kenya) shows that only 5% of young adolescents confide in their...

DSW launches UNFPA SWOP Report in Germany - The power of 1.8 billion!

2014-11-18 13:05:26 | Posted by Shane O'Halloran

DSW Launches UNFPA SWOP ReportToday, Nov. 18th, DSW published the German version of UNFPA's State of the World Population (SWOP) Report in Berlin. The theme of this year’s SWOP Report is the potential transformative power of the 1.8 billion...

DSW is extremely proud of the achievements of the people and communities that are at the centre of all our activities in East Africa. It is these volunteers, project participants and youth organisations that are the reason why DSW is able to work to achieve its mission.

Below is a snapshot of participants and graduates of our projects in recent years.

  • Fit for Life - Rhoda Adhiambo's Path to Success

    Rhoda Adhiambo was born and raised in Mathare slums twenty years ago. Growing up, Adhiambo has seen her parents struggle to provide for their five children.

  • Youth to Youth in Uganda - Nabajju's Story

    Since 1995, DSW has established hundreds of youth clubs for sexual and reproductive health education and AIDS prevention training in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

  • Safina’s Story

    Eighteen year old Safina joined the Masindi Budongo Community Youth Organisation (BUCIYO) club after a colleague of hers, who was not known for kindness and empathy for old people, started to take care for the elderly.

  • Ediget Lesetoch Weaving - Fit for Life in Ethiopia

    Meselech is a 35 years old lady with a husband and five kids. Searching for a better job, the family came to Addis from the southern part of the country (Arbaminch) many years ago.

  • Working Together for Decent Work in East Africa - Shashote Timba's Experience

    Informal sector workers are not recognised, registered, regulated or protected under the current labour legislation and are therefore characterized by a high degree of vulnerability...

  • Theresa Mwangi in Nairobi - making a fortune from waste

    Most people will dismiss it as garbage, but for Theresa Mwangi and the Nairobi Old and Young Lutheran Group, the remains of maize and bananas are a fortune and their tools of trade that they use to make their everyday living.

  • Magdalena Qaduwe - Youth Club Leader in Tanzania

    Magdalena Qaduwe, a leader of the Vijana Youth Club in Babati and beneficiary of the Working Together for Decent Work in East Africa project explains how the club has transformed youth in her village from despair to having some hope...

Find out more information on DSW's ground-breaking Youth-To-Youth (Y2Y) programme for young people in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

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