This Saturday, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. Supporting and empowering women and girls are fundamental to the work of DSW, something which new strive to achieve every day.

To celebrate this, and the continuing contribution that women have made to DSW’s work, we are giving over the blog every day to members of DSW to talk about the importance of ‘Women working in Development’


This morning, we give the floor to Esayas B. Gebre-Meskel, a member of the IEC Material Production & Promotion Unit at DSW Ethiopia.


Tell us a little about yourself – who are you and what is your role at DSW?

My name is Esayas B. Gebre-Meskel. Although parts of my post-teenage life had essentially experienced residence status abroad, I was born and raised up in Ethiopia. Despite the fact that I was born into a multi-linguistic family background, I only manage to polish and practice with three languages at a different level of proficiency. My role at DSW has always been focusing on communication activities. I am responsible for the production of IEC/BCC materials and various other promotional publications to increase DSW’s visibility.


What excites you most about your work at DSW?

No matter how little worth it maybe, everyone’s contribution and role enjoys a visible space to count on any decision made and any action taken. This makes anyone irrespective of his or her position feel part of the DSW corporate families. I also get exceptionally excited by the fact that every six month I have the opportunity to self-evaluate my own capacity based on the assessment of every single assignment I am entrusted upon.


In your view, how have women shaped the global development arena?

Any development agenda is in essence destined to failure, when an arena on which to embark remains less inclusive of women both in role playing and beneficial. As increasingly the number of women came forth to be part of those who set the global development agenda, more and more women have their thoughts weighed to have shaped the global development arena. By and large, they succeeded to shape it by way of manifesting their spirits for hardworking to get things changed and develop the courage to be part of the changes they contributed to.


Who is your biggest role model?

I do not honestly have any one person whom I singlehandedly rely on as an exceptional role model. Perhaps, I have not yet been able to fully realize my dream in my life.


How will you be marking International Women’s Day this year?

I would want to mark this year’s International Women’s Day by taking part on the occasion and netting interesting stories from the event so that I post them on the social media outlets. Possibly, I will look for the opportunity to get an interview with someone who can typically make a role model effect on the others.


Keep following the DSW Blog for continued updates as we celebrate International Women’s Day all week!