This Saturday, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. Supporting and empowering women and girls are fundamental to the work of DSW, something which new strive to achieve every day.

To celebrate this, and the continuing contribution that women have made to DSW’s work, we are giving over the blog every day to members of DSW to talk about the importance of ‘Women working in Development’.


This afternoon, we give the floor to Veronique Fagel, the administrative manager for DSW in Brussels.


Tell us a little about yourself – who are you and what is your role at DSW?

My role is to provide administrative & general HR support to the team in Brussels and to ensure the smooth functioning of the office.


What excites you most about your work at DSW?

The tangible impact …. contributing to the elaboration of a world where women and men can work together to improve their social and economic life, hence offering a better prospect to their children.


In your view, how have women shaped the global development arena?

By delivering not only babies but also innovative ideas and being capable of putting these ideas into practice.


Who is your biggest role model?

It depends. Today I would say Wangari Maathai [Kenyan environmental and political activist, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004].


How will you be marking International Women’s Day this year?

By dancing in the sun!


Keep following the DSW Blog for continued updates as we celebrate International Women’s Day all week!