EV2Empowering people to take control of their lives and improve their health is at the core of DSW’s work – focusing in particular on the devastating impact on the lives of young men and women caused by HIV and AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, as well as other poverty-related neglected diseases.

A crucial part of this work is making sure that global health issues remain high on the political agenda. Much of what we do from Brussels and Berlin is making sure that policy makers and politicians are fully informed of the latest developments in the area and how their support can further the cause.

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New report launched todayEuropean Voice

With that in mind, and considering that the EU is the world’s largest ODA donor, in order to spread the word to newly elected members of the European Parliament, we have teamed up with European Voice – the leading publication for news on EU politics. Launched today in Brussels and online, European Voice have published a special report looking at the state of play in the fight against poverty-related and neglected tropical diseases.

With input from experts across the global health field, the report gives an excellent overview of the current scope of poverty related and neglected diseases and the efforts of European countries and the EU to fight back.

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Published at an important time for the future prospects for global health – gearing up as we are for the post-2015 debate for the next year – we recommend that you take a look at the report and its conclusions!

Click here to download the report, and see the links below for more information on the fight for global health!



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