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The dust has settled on the European Parliament election results at the end of last month – Devex has a good overview of the potential impact that they will have on development policy, including the impact of what is seen as an increase in support for populists and extremist candidates.


The UN’s OWG on the Sustainable Development Goals has released a draft set of SDGs this week – sparking discussions that will last until the final decision on the make-up of the SDGs in September 2015. You can read more about what they have proposed here.

You can read about the outcomes and major statements emanating from the Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) Summit that took place in Toronto last week.


After vigorous opposition from across civil society, the European Commission decided last week to take no further action on the controversial “One of Us” European Citizens Initiative which threatened EU support for maternal and child health. You can read about the fallout here.


While the UN was releasing its draft proposal for the SDGs, the European Commission published its proposal on the successor framework for the MDGs. EurActiv has a comprehensive overview of it here.


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