IMG_0118 Mr. Antonio Capone, head of infrastructure secretary with European Commission in Ethiopia, said that “Ethiopia is one of the focus countries in Africa that the European Union (EU) has long prioritized its development aids to support economic growth through various project activities. In the efforts to create decent conditions for many women and youths in Ethiopia who earn their livelihood incomes from the informal sector, the EU has been able to provide financial and technical support for DSW to implement “Working Together for Decent Work” project in Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar cities over the past three years. Although this project has now come to an end by drawing desirable results, the fact that community and relevant government bodies have manifested a sense of ownership in the project, chances are high for the key stakeholders to keep the sustainability of this project in the future.” Project coming to an end On June 20th, 2014 during the closure event of a three years project which DSW has been undertaking in three East African region, including Ethiopia, representative of the Ethiopian government from Women, Children and Youth Affairs Bureau acknowledged the contribution made by DSW to improve the livelihood of women and youth who make their living from the informal economic sector. Experts who studied the informal economic sector observed that majority of the people operate in the sector are women and youth and most of whom do not have the formal skills required to get better access to proper market for their products. Working Together for Decent Work project benefited 4,519 women, youth and other vulnerable members of the community in the informal sector with various skill-based capacity building schemes, according to Mrs. Tirsit Grishaw, Country Director of DSW Ethiopia.