DSW’s Working Together for Decent Work in East Africa (Fit for Life) project is an excellent example of how an integrated approach can be adopted to address the needs of vulnerable populations. This EU funded three-year programme (2011 to 2014), worked to improve the health and livelihoods of those excluded from the formal labour market, especially women and youth. By empowering individuals, supporting informed decision-making, and promoting innovative and successful approaches, the project worked to ensure decent work, social protection and inclusion for all members of society in East Africa.

While the overall objective of this project was to contribute to the realisation of comprehensive social protection and inclusion in Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Kenya, its specific objective was to improve the living and working conditions of those employed in the informal economy and other vulnerable groups, particularly women and youth.

Our infographic displays key impacts from the project:

Infografik_Fit for Life_Final

For more information about this project, please see our Fit for Life page: www.dsw.org/projects/fit-for-life.html

Read the amazing stories of the people impacted by the project: www.dsw.org/projects/success-stories.html

VIDEOS: These short movies show the amazing impact that the project has had in East Africa:

The power of working together in East Africa to bring about changeThis video highlights the urgent need for transformative projects, like DSW’s “Working Together for Decent Work in East Africa (aka Fit for Life)” and the impact that they can have on people living in poverty. This video was made and produced in Kenya.

Strengthening voices in East Africa to create sustainable change: Produced as part of DSW’s “Working Together for Decent Work in East Africa (aka Fit for Life)” project, this video was created to increase awareness and dialogue for decision-making around the needs of workers in the informal economy.

Improving people’s socio-economic and health situation in East Africa: Produced as part of DSW’s “Working Together for Decent Work in East Africa (aka Fit for Life)” project, this video focuses on the need to empower women and youth with the knowledge and skills to improve their socio-economic and health situation. The video demonstrates how our intervention has changed people through training, business development, and increased awareness of sexual and reproductive health and rights.

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