#LetsSaveLives tweetchatIn association with Devex’s #HealthyMeans campaign launched last week, DSW is proud to host a #LetsSaveLives tweetchat on Wednesday November 12th, focusing on how R&D and innovation can support the fight against diseases of poverty and improve global health.

#LetsSaveLives tweetchatIn October 2014, DSW was proud to launch the “Let’s Save Lives” campaign – a landmark for DSW and the first campaign of its kind. It is asking for European and international leaders to step up and invest in opportunities that could transform the health and prospects of millions of people around the world. The “Let’s Save Lives” campaign is centred around an online petition – which you can sign here – that brings attention to the incredible need for greater investment in global health research and development (GH R&D) for the elimination of diseases such as HIV & AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Specifically, the campaign is asking you to sign up and call on your political leaders to come forward and commit to global health R&D in the post-MDG development agenda.

#LetsSaveLives Tweetchat

With the campaign well underway, we are delighted to be partnering with Devex,  the foremost international development website, who have just launched the Healthy Means campaign. On Wednesday November 12th, DSW and its partners in the #LetsSaveLives campaign, will host a live tweetchat at 3pm CET/9am EST. Join the conversation by using #LetsSaveLives and #healthymeans, and follow DSW on Twitter at @dsw_worldwide.

The tweetchat will address many of the issues around global health research and development, such as why it is crucial to global health, how it has the potential to transform millions of peoples lives, and what we can do to harness innovation to defeat diseases of poverty.

#HealthyMeans by Devex#LetsSaveLives tweetchat

Healthy Means runs throughout November, and is intended to be an an online conversation to advance the dialogue on the future challenges and opportunities in global health – from living longer to improved access – and what it takes to build a more vibrant world. It will look particularly at the future of health and development and the indicators of positive progress in the post-2015 framework. This event will take place as part of the “Healthy Means New Ideas” theme of the week: from new medical technologies to ground-breaking drugs to designing more effective health systems, innovation will be critical as we address current and emerging health challenge.

UPDATE: We are delighted to be able to announce that we will be joined in co-hosting the tweetchat with our colleagues at IPM, Action for Global Health and One (represented by Erin Hohlfelder, Global Health Policy Director). It is developing into a great event!

To join the #LetsSaveLives campaign, sign up here! You can find out more about “Healthy Means” over at Devex, where they have a host of articles on the future of global health.