With the upcoming Gavi replenishment conference set to take place in Germany in January 2015, the Gavi civil society organisation (CSO) Constituency and Steering Committee sent a letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel asking for Germany to do more for children in need of immunisation and to avert unnecessary deaths. Supported by DSW, and signed by CSOs from more than 40 countries, the letter:

– Asks Chancellor Merkel to ensure Germany’s “fair share” contribution to the Alliance

– Encourages the German government to use the Replenishment conference to promote crucial investments in health systems and ensure that every child is reached equitably with immunisation and health services

– Requests the support of the German government and all Gavi donors to ensure that children who have not completed their vaccination series by their 1st birthday should nevertheless receive their needed doses, as recommended by WHO.

– Requests the Chancellor’s support in emphasizing the crucial role that local, national and international civil society plays in implementing Gavi’s strategy by allocating two speaking slots in the replenishment conference’s main programme to civil society representatives, with at least of those CSO speakers coming from a developing-country.

You can view the final, signed letter here

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance hopes to raise to raise $7.5 billion in new funding for vaccines between the years 2016–2020. Although expectations are high for all donors, there is a need for Germany to show leadership by contributing a €100 million per year. There is a unique opportunity here, not just to increase funding, but to save the lives of millions people living in poverty.