Y2Y in 2015: Kennedy ChandeMy name is Kennedy Mambo Chande, International Project Coordinator (IPC) with DSW, supporting Programme management and in charge of the overall coordination of the Youth to Youth (Y2Y) initiative. I work with DSW Kenya and I am very passionate about the work that we do in youth and community development.

Youth have the potential to bring about development if the right opportunities are made available to them.  This cannot be possible without addressing their capacity on issues on areas that affect their lives on a day-to-day basis.

Y2Y in 2015 – supporting youth

The focus for Y2Y in 2015 will be on the following:

  1. Skill and knowledge building – Y2Y clubs are a great resource of skills and knowledge for young people. We will conduct trainings on club leadership and management skills to enable the youth run their Y2Y clubs and Youth Empowerment Centres (YECs) more effectively. Through these clubs, young people will be equipped with the right knowledge and skills to make informed decisions regarding their sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) needs.
  1. A supportive environment – we will focus on strengthening the DSW Y2Y network which we believe that is central to supporting Y2Y clubs and YEC members in participating in decision making processes within their local communities on matters affecting them including young people’s SRHR needs.
  1. Youth friendly services – This will remain key in the Y2Y plan for this year. The initiative will apply the trainers of trainers (TOT) and Peer education approach which will enhance more young people access youth-friendly SRHR services and supplies. Joint integrated health outreaches with youth clubs and services providers will be conducted to create more awareness and increase uptake of youth-friendly services.
  1. Economic development – Economic development is a critical pillar of the Y2Y initiative. We plan to increase opportunities of young people by employing a number of strategies across DSW’s country offices, including trainings on entrepreneurship, linkages with support institutions and follow up activities with youth clubs to ensure that skills are put into practice.

Y2Y in 2015 – positive stories of change

Y2Y in 2015Key to the four areas above is a coaching approach from the coordination office on effective planning and capacity development for the Y2Y team. This will improve efficiency and address technical challenges which will motivate our Y2Y team in using our DSW manuals and Y2Y tools effectively. Focus will also be put on documentation of good practices and the positive change stories within individuals in the youth clubs and YECs as a result of our interventions. The positive stories of change will be widely shared through the Y2Y network to market, inform programming and increase donor interest to the Y2Y initiative in the region.

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