Other partners during the exercise. Standing (R) is the Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, TororoOn Saturday March 7, 2015, DSW joined partners and Tororo district officials to clean the maternity ward at the Tororo general hospital. This was a joint effort with the mothers to celebrate the international women’s day 2015. The national theme for 2015 celebrations was “Empowerment of Women and Girls is Progress for All: Three Decades of Gains for Ugandan Women and girls.”

This theme has been selected to demonstrate that the empowerment of women and girls, much as it is a human right, benefits everyone in the families and society at large.

This has enabled state and non state actors to show case their best practices in facilitating the empowerment of DSW officer joins with other partners in cleaning the maternity ward at Tororo general hospital. March 7, 2015women and girls in the last three decades.

In Uganda, a number strategies and policies have been developed to promote women’s health and these include; National Health Policy 2009, Health Sector Strategic Plan 2010, National AIDS Policy 2010 and the National Population Policy.

Women’s health is an essential prerequisite for effective participation in economic activities. There is progress in reducing women’s risk of dying from treatable or preventable diseases through prevention and treatment of reproductive cancer of women, Mother to Child HIV/AIDs prevention programme, among others.                                                                                                                                                                   A  Labour suite at the Tororo general Hospital