ethiopia annual review meetingThe expansion of the health sector infrastructures in Ethiopia over the past 17 years alone has pushed the country towards the ranks of the best health success stories in sub-Saharan Africa. Many health-focused NGOs, including ourselves at DSW, have expanded the scope of their commitments in recent years to support development in low-income communities.

As a result, the Ethiopian Ministry of Health (MoH) has recognised the contribution that NGOs made. Each year the government hosts at the national level an annual review meeting, during which key stakeholders come together to discuss support gaps and current good practices. Once again, the Federal Ministry of Health invited DSW to participate at the 17th Annual Review Meeting (ARM). The meeting this year took place from October 28th-30th in Adama, in the Oromia region some 80 km southeast of Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa.

The three-day event brought together more than 1,500 participants from across the country – representing all nine of Ethiopia’s regions and respective health bureaus and offices. The ARM was chaired by Dr. Kesetebirhan Admasu, Minister of the Federal Ministry of Health in Ethiopia. In his opening key-note speech, Dr. Kesetebirhan formally acknowledged the concerted efforts being made by NGOs in partnership with the Ministry of Health (MoH) and of regional health bureaus.

DSW has also showcased the good practices that we are working on at the moment in the country, at an exhibition facilitated by the Oromia Health Bureau during the review meeting. As most of DSW’s projects are based in rural areas and the target beneficiaries are exclusively the rural communities, DSW’s intervention modality is able to offer different experiences.

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