Ugandan National Advocacy StrategyAccording to the latest Family Planning 2020 (FP2020) progress report ‘Commitment to Action 2014-2015’, more women and girls than ever before are now voluntarily using modern contraceptives to delay or even avoid a pregnancy in the world’s poorest countries. Measured since the landmark 2012 London Summit on Family Planning, the report details achievements in the global family planning movement. In total, the report states that 290.6 million women are now making family planning decisions for themselves – an increase of 24.4 million! But what kind of impact has this action had?

So far, this has adverted:

80 million unintended pregnancies

26.8 million unsafe abortions

111,000 maternal deaths

In addition, delaying or spacing pregnancies can lead to better child and maternal health, better quality education, and improved employment opportunities, and enhanced living standards. As a result, each woman is able to fulfil their own potential which has a positive impact on their community, family, and even country.

Although this is an extremely positive development, the report also warns against complacency if the goals of the Summit are to be reached by 2020. Countries, donors, and organisations must continue the momentum achieved and even increase the pace if they are to succeed in enabling 120 million additional women and girls gain access to rights-based family planning by this ambitious deadline.

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