The Maputo Protocol, the historic protocol on women and girls’ human rights in Africa and beyond, was adopted in 2003 and came into force in 2005.

The value of the Maputo Protocol lies in its direct references to vulnerable and marginalised groups, including adolescents, widows, elderly women, women with disabilities, poor women and migrant and refugee women. It is also ground-breaking as the first human rights instrument that refers to women and girls’ rights in relation to HIV and AIDS, and STIs more generally.

Fifteen years later, many women’s experiences do not reflect the commitments of the Protocol. In other words, there is still a gap between women’s rights as outlined in the Protocol and in reality. This must change!

We stand by her right to live free from violence and harm. We stand by her right to health, education and contraception. We stand #RightByHer. Where do you stand?

Find out more about our campaign activities on the Right By Her website.


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