The National Commemoration of International Youth Day 2018 in Tanzania

Philomena Marijani Empower

The national commemoration of International Youth Day 2018 in Tanzania took place in Arusha. The theme for International Youth Day 2018 is “Safe Spaces for Youth”.  The day was graced by Deputy Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office responsible for Policy, Parliament Affairs, Labour, Employment, Youth and the Disabled, Honourable Antony Mavunde. More than 3000 youth from different …

The Youth Symposium towards International Youth Day 2018 in Tanzania

Philomena Marijani Empower

Towards the national commemoration of the International Youth Day 2018 in August 12, 2018, the Government of Tanzania and development partners include DSW Tanzania, UN agencies; UNFPA and ILO, Pathfinder International , Restless development, and other youth focused organizations organized   a Youth Symposium. The Youth Symposium took place in August 11, 2018 at East African Community Headquarters in Arusha. The …

DSW employee gets tattooed for human rights: interview with Marietta Wildt

Rena Foehr Empower

We guess you know and support the Human Rights Declaration – just as we do. But have you ever thought of getting tattoed a piece of it? DSW’s Advocacy Officer Marietta Wildt did exactly that, at an international conference. We interviewed her to find out more… Marietta, please explain to us: what is a Human Rights Tattoo?! I heard about …

Kevin Kocheli

Kenya: Youth get a seat in budget making forums

Collins Baswony Empower

Three young people have been appointed to top budget making organs in Kenya. Kevin Kocheli (Trans Nzoia County), Felix Magut (Nandi County), and Andrew Wachelon (West Pokot County) will sit in the County Budget and Economic Forums (CBEFs) in their counties for the next five years.

Youth Health through Sports – DSW Tanzania Youth Cup

Philomena Marijani Empower

DSW Tanzania has launched a Youth Health Sport Initiative in May 2018 to strengthening its youth engagement in the areas of Health and economic empowerment. The build-up of initiative looks at mobilizing young people to engage in productive activities to enhance talents and education on health and economic empowerment. The DSW Youth Cup will engage youth in the regions of …

These people will give you hope and inspiration: meet activists from the European Development Days

Rena Foehr Empower

What can you learn from a 78-year-old Peruvian activist, a young biomedical scientist from Nigeria, and a child marriage survivor from Uganda? At the European Development Days, we talked and listened to them to find out. BY RENA FÖHR & ALICE BRIDGWOOD Mamá Lucinda, Peru While others retire, Lucinda Terrazas is busy building her dream.  The 78-year-old Peruvian is a …

Silvia poses with her mother

“I’ll have a better future than my mum“: peer educator Silvia talks about Kenyan Mother’s Day traditions

Rena Foehr Empower

INTERVIEW: MALENE HUMMEL / TRANSLATION: RENA FÖHR & EOGHAN WALSH Silvia Bulali is a 25-year-old peer educator trained by DSW Kenya. She teaches young people about sexual health and contraception. Today, Silvia tells us about Kenyan Mother’s Day traditions and how it is being a mother in her country. Silvia, how is Mother’s Day celebrated in Kenya? Silvia: we show …

The Celebration of International Women’s Day in Tanzania; more efforts towards Gender equality, women empowerment and Achievements of Sustainable Development Goals

Philomena Marijani Empower

Tanzania has joined other countries in the world in celebration for International Women’s Day in March 08, 2018.  The day was commemorated by women from various sectors gathering together and portraying different messages and activities. The theme for this year is Towards an Industrial Economy: Strengthening Gender Equality and Rural Women Empowerment DSW Participation in International Women’s Day in Dar …

ena, Alice and Njeri having lunch in the centre of Nairobi

Sex and Nairobi City: Three very different women talk contraception, consent, and sex education.

Rena Foehr Empower

What is it like to be a woman in Kenya, in Germany, and in England? On International Women’s Day, DSW’s Alice, Njeri and Rena talk about condom exhibitions, not being able to afford contraception, and what we demand from our governments.   Tell us about your sex education in school?  Njeri: In Kenya, we didn’t learn about contraceptives in school. We …

Brainwaves and Washing Machines

Rena Foehr Empower

A dozen of people forming a circle in a small room. They stare at each other, eyes beaming strangely. Then, slowly, they start moving their hips, shouting simultaneously: “Whooaashing machiiine”. Sounds creepy? It isn’t! Instead, it was the initial exercise of a very harmless and very productive workshop at DSW. And while the whooaashing machiiine exercise served to warm up …

Kenya: DSW’s advocacy lead in Kenya named a #120under40 2017 winner

Kenya: DSW’s advocacy lead in Kenya named a 120 under 40 2017 winner

Collins Baswony Empower

Peter Ngure, DSW’s advocacy lead in Kenya, is a 120 under 40 2017 winner for his contribution to the advancement of family planning in Kenya. Over the last three years, Peter has led the DSW advocacy team in Kenya to support county governments in ensure that they prioritize and fund family planning services.

Screaming Silently? Perspectives of Youth Voices in the ACP EU

Imali Ngusale Empower

In April, I had an amazing opportunity of visiting to Brussels. This was my second time. My opinion of Brussels is that its architecture gives more meaning to the adage old is gold. I was very excited about my itinerary for a week of meetings set up by my colleagues at DSW’s Brussels office, but this was, however, short-lived. The …

The future is mine – nothing can stop me!

Shane O'Halloran Empower

In this day and age, it is staggering to think that although women and girls make up half of the world’s population, they continue to represent over 70% of the world’s poor. Creating a more equitable and sustainable future means building better opportunities in education, health and employment. This not only has benefits for women and girls, but also creates …