Imagine2030: Seven things you need to know ahead of World AIDS Day

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Time is drawing near! Tomorrow, on December 1 (World AIDS Day), Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung (DSW) will be launching its campaign “Imagine2030: Invest in Innovation. End diseases of poverty”. The campaign will focus on raising awareness on the need to increase European political and financial support for global health innovation. This is essential if we are to eliminate diseases of poverty …

The power of innovation: ending preventable deaths of mothers and children

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We believe in the power of innovation. Global health innovation to end diseases of poverty – causing the deaths of millions every year – is one of the key issues that we at DSW work on. We have some exciting news to announce later in the year on this, but for now we are delighted to host a guest editorial …


WIW 2016: ISGlobal – developing the next generation of vaccines

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As we continue our coverage of World Immunisation Week, and survey the field for the next generation of vaccines, Quique Bassat of ISGlobal talks about the work that they do at their Barcelona-based organisation on disease and vaccine research. For more information on the series click here! Introducing the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) The Barcelona Institute for Global Health …


World Immunisation Week 2016: where are the game-changing vaccines?

Eoghan Walsh Global Health, HIV & AIDS, Malaria, Poverty-Related and Neglected Diseases

Each year, World Immunisation Week places the spotlight on the achievements made in recent decades in rolling out life-saving vaccines to the people that need them the most, saving millions of lives in the process. Innovation in vaccines has brought us seismic changes in public health in the last 50 years. Smallpox was eradicated, we are on the verge of …

Every two minutes a child dies from Malaria

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How long will it take you to read this article? It’s a frightening thought that by the time you finish reading this even more children across the world will have died due to this virus. Malaria is so prevalent, that every day, around 590,000 people become infected, with at least 1,200 dying as a result. That’s over 438,000 victims per …