DSW Youth Champions advocate for improved Reproductive Health budgets and youth inclusivity at the EAC

Blog | 09. July 2024

DSW Tanzania Youth Champions participated at the East Africa Community (EAC) Commonwealth Youth Symposium 2024, from the 4th to the 5th of July. The Youth Champions represented DSW Tanzania youth portfolios from the informal sector and universities. The symposium was organised by the EAC and supported by the Commonwealth youth program. The East Africa Region is home to one of the biggest youth populations of the commonwealth, contributing significantly to the collective voice of 1.4 billion young people of the commonwealth. The East Africa Community is a regional intergovernmental organisation of eight partner states. The youth in East Africa face a complex and rapidly evolving situation where new opportunities coexist along with major challenges. The commonwealth heads of government have declared 2023 to 2024 a year dedicated to youth-led action for sustainable and inclusive development. The year is dubbed commonwealth year of youth envisions a strengthened more accountable, more integrated and accountable youth development ecosystems that amplifies the voices of young people, recognising their contributions and support their aspirations for an equitable social economic development of their countries.

DSW youth contributing during the session

It is against this background that the EAC invited youth leaders to deliberate on issues that affect them in order to strengthen region young leaders’ capacity to actively identify initiatives to address challenges, establish partnership, create a platform for continued background and support youth development programs. During the symposium, DSW Youth Champions engaged in different sessions. One of the panelists included DSW Youth Champion, Ramadhan Kinasa, from the informal sector who contributed alongside other panelists from Commonwealth secretariat, University of Nairobi, East Africa Youth Network and Women International Peace Center. The panel discussion centered around the diverse experts sharing on amplifying youth voices, mobilising resources, advocating for change and youth engagement across different sectors.

DSW youth at the Symposium

Ramadhan advocated for regular forums for EAC youth to be involved at partner state and regional planning and budgeting processes for better inclusivity especially on reproductive Health programs. DSW Champion representing universities call for inclusion of mental Health at all level of education. The DSW champions presented on the importance of investing resources on Reproductive Health, Education and decent work so as to harness East African demographic dividend. 

DSW youth contributing during the session

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