Improving Health Care Is a Top Priority for Publics in Sub-Saharan Africa

Eoghan Walsh Global Health, HIV & AIDS

Guest post by Katie Simmons, Associate Director of Research, Pew Research Center As we head into the seventh World Health Summit, a new survey from Pew Research Center finds many people in sub-Saharan Africa are unhappy with the quality of their health care and want health to be one of the top development priorities for their country’s future.

Financing for Development – a review of FFD3 in Addis

Peter Ngure Development Cooperation, Global Health, Support for Girls in Development

Convening for the Financing for Development conference, in the middle of July leaders from all over the world were meeting here in Addis Ababa. There were many hot topics on the agenda; was about tax, illicit flow of money, gender and health financing, whether female genital mutilation (FGM) and early marriages are a global problem, and whether goal 17 needs …

Guest post: 7 Global Health takeaways on the post-2015 negotiations

Eoghan Walsh Global Health, HIV & AIDS, Poverty-Related and Neglected Diseases

This is a guest post by our partners at the Global Health Technology Coalition (GHTC), written by Marissa Chimola. For more information on the GHTC, visit their website. The article was originally published here. Trying to navigate and understand the post-2015 negotiations can be a challenge, so to help add some clarity, last week the Global Health Technologies Coalition (GHTC) …

Debating Global Health at the European Parliament – focus on the poor!

Eoghan Walsh Development Cooperation, Global Health, Poverty-Related and Neglected Diseases

On Monday I was invited to present at the European Parliament Development committee for an exchange of views on global health. As you may be aware, April is the month dedicated to health as part of the European Year for Development 2015. It was therefore a great initiative from the European Parliament to organise a debate to look at all …

World Malaria Day 2015 – making a breakthrough with research and innovation

Eoghan Walsh Global Health, HIV & AIDS, Poverty-Related and Neglected Diseases

World Malaria Day 2015 is an opportune moment to take stock of the global fight against malaria. It also provides an opportunity to look forward at how we can work together finally beat the disease. For malaria, as much as for any other disease of poverty, finding new and ever-more effective treatments for people living with the disease, as well …

Let’s Save Lives celebrated World TB Day at the European Parliament – a busy week!

Eoghan Walsh Global Health, HIV & AIDS, Poverty-Related and Neglected Diseases

To celebrate World TB Day, and to mark the end of the “Let’s Save Lives” campaign DSW and partners got together for a Twitter chat on how research & development and innovation can support the fight against diseases of poverty and improve global health. Join the conversation on Wednesday March 25th.

Gavi Replenishment 2015 – 5 key results from Berlin

Katharina Wertenbruch Development Cooperation, Global Health, HIV & AIDS, Poverty-Related and Neglected Diseases

This article, by DSW’s International Director for Partnership and Communication, was originally published at Devex for the Gavi Replenishment 2015 meeting in Berlin. You can read the original article on their website here. The great and the good of the international development scene descended on Berlin this week for the Gavi replenishment 2015 conference. This two-day meeting was important for …

The Gates Annual Letter 2015 – 4 quick takeaways for global health

Eoghan Walsh Global Health, HIV & AIDS, Poverty-Related and Neglected Diseases

Each year, in early January the Gates Annual Letter is published. The letter, written by Bill and Melinda Gates, takes stock of the achievements of the global development community in the past year, as well as looking forward to challenges and opportunities ahead. The Gates Annual Letter also pinpoints what needs to be done if we are to reach ambitious …

Gavi Replenishment 2015: Healthy children with a healthy future – a better world is within our grasp

Renate Baehr Global Health, Poverty-Related and Neglected Diseases

This is a year of opportunity. Not only will 2015 see the birth of a new development framework to ensure global sustainability, it will also be the year when the world’s nations help secure a better future for millions of children living in poverty.

Faith to Action: Bringing SRHR and faith-based organisations together to empower young people

Eoghan Walsh Sexual and Reproductive Health, Youth Empowerment

Traditionally, religious practice, faith-based organisations and and sexual health and prevention education rarely meet. But, according to DSW’s Angela Mutegi, this is an out-date view of this relationship. Angela coordinates the communication activities of the Faith to Action project , which brings together faith communities that are committed to educating young people. Here, she tells us about the work of …