Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung (DSW) is based in Hannover, where it was founded in 1991 by entrepreneurs, Erhard Schreiber (†) and Dirk Rossmann. It was from here that the foundation’s human rights-based approach developed to advocate for the sexual self-determination of young people, particularly in East Africa, and for sustainable social and demographic development through both local projects and political work.

Today, DSW is an internationally recognised development organisation with offices in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda as well as in Berlin and Brussels. The organisation is still based in Hanover, where the finance team, project management, communications team, administration and, last but not least, the management are located.

“The founding idea of DSW has consistently evolved towards the promotion of research and development, the training of healthcare personnel and the provision of contraceptives.”

Jan Kreutzberg
Executive Director

Our team in Hannover

Jan Kreutzberg

Executive Director

Telephone: +49 511 94373-0
Email: hannover@dsw.org

Angela Bähr

Vice Executive Director | Director Projects & Programmes

Telephone: +49 511 94373-0
Email: hannover@dsw.org

Shari Kupilas

Officer to the Executive Team

Telephone: +49 511 94373-26
Email: shari.kupilas@dsw.org

Sina Rabe

Head of Fundraising Unit

Telephone: +49 511 94373-15
Email: sina.rabe@dsw.org

Carola Ahlborn-Schuklies

Fundraising Officer

Telephone: +49 511 94373-13
Email: carola.ahlborn@dsw.org

Anke Witte

Senior Fundraising Officer

Telephone: +49 511 94373-32
Email: anke.witte@dsw.org

Nicole Langenbach

Head of Communication / | Spokeswomen

Telephone: +49 511 94373-20
Email: nicole.langenbach@dsw.org

Nils Hartung

Senior Communications Officer

Telephone: +49 511 94373-12
Email: nils.hartung@dsw.org

Marei Hückelheim

Communications Officer

Telephone: +49 511 94373-35
Email: marei.hueckelheim@dsw.org

Leigh-Ann Mc Sweeney

Communications Officer

Telephone: +49 511 94373-42 
Email: leigh-ann.mcsweeney@dsw.org

Miriam Riechers

Head of Project Management Unit

Telephone: +49 511 94373-25
Email: miriam.riechers@dsw.org

Peter-Nicholas Kroll

Senior Project Management Officer

Telephone: +49 511 94373-16
Email: peter.kroll@dsw.org

Florian Paulus

Senior Project Management Officer

Telephone: +49 511 94373-27
E-Mail: florian.paulus@dsw.org

Jana Kristin Ottenberg

Head of Human Resources/Administration Unit

Telephone: +49 511 94373–34
Email: jana.ottenberg@dsw.org

Stephanie Althaus

Human Resources & Administration Officer

Telephone: +49 511 94373–36
Email: stephanie.althaus@dsw.org

Axel Urbanik

Head of Finance Unit

Telephone: +49 511 94373-40
Email: axel.urbanik@dsw.org

Elisabeth Bormann

Finance Officer

Telephone: +49 511 94373-24
Email: elisabeth.bormann@dsw.org

Franziska Senf

Finance Officer

Telephone: +49 511 94373-29
Email: franziska.senf@dsw.org