Transparency & Quality

Working responsibly requires clear voluntary commitments and regular monitoring of projects, both internally and externally. In its annual reports (available in German), Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung (DSW) provides a transparent account of where and how donations are used. The organisation has also committed itself to disclosing certain additional information as part of the Transparent Civil Society Initiative (Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft).

The progress and effectiveness of DSW’s projects in the various countries are reviewed using standardised reflection processes as part of quality management. The code of conduct to which all employees of DSW commit themselves is based on internationally recognised guidelines. In this way, we ensure continuous evaluation and commit ourselves to responsible behaviour.

Statutes and notice of tax exemption

DSW’s Statutes are the basic rules that define our mission, goals and working methods. It enshrines our commitment to sexual and reproductive health and education as fundamental human rights. Our statutes state that we are committed to promoting education, family planning and access to health services, especially for young people and disadvantaged population groups worldwide. It emphasises the importance of partnerships with governments, organisations and communities to bring about sustainable change. Our Statutes form the basis of our work and reflect our long-term commitment to improving people’s quality of life.

Our Statutes (in German) Notice of tax exemption (in German)