DSW is committed to fair and equitable interaction across the organisation through a comprehensive set of safeguarding measures. We uphold the human rights and aim to protect the health, emotional, mental, and physical well-being and rights of every individual who is associated with DSW or involved in its projects and programmes, regardless of age, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation and ethnicity. This applies in particular to DSW employees and project beneficiaries, but also to associated third parties. 

We are committed to promoting a safe environment where power abuse, neglect and exploitation are not tolerated in any shape or form.  

To make this a reality, we have developed a comprehensive set of tools to support DSW safeguarding in its implementation and contribute to a culture of fair and non-violent interaction. All employees of DSW undertake to comply with the Code of Conduct and its supplementary policies when they are hired.

DSW invests in regular training for all employees to collectively raise their awareness of safeguarding, educate them about risks and signs of misconduct and unlawful acts, and inform them about ways to report concerns and incidents.

Any report of a suspected breach of the DSW Code of Conduct or a policy will be recorded and followed up.

To ensure that our safeguarding measures are in line with current standards and good practice, we continually evaluate our regulations, policies and safeguarding activities internally and through external consultation. Creating an environment of trust, goodwill, and mutual respect in which all people feel seen, heard, and can flourish is a top priority for our work. Our safeguarding measures are in line with this priority and we are committed to promoting and protecting the health, rights and wellbeing of all those associated with DSW, its projects and programmes to the best of our ability.

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If you have any questions or general concerns about DSW’s Safeguarding, please contact our Officer to the Executive Team Shari Kupilas

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Shari Kupilas

Officer to the Executive Team

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