Empowering the community

In order to improve the situation of young people in the long term, we involve their entire social environment in our educational work. The youth club members organise their own education campaigns in their local area, in which they convince parents, teachers, local politicians and religious leaders that education and contraception are basic prerequisites for a healthy and independent life.

The young people create their own music, dances and even plays and perform them in public. The youth club members become important role models, so-called youth champions, who are now highly respected in their communities. As well as raising awareness, the clubs also get involved in their communities, for example by organising litter picking and tree planting campaigns, or cleaning up local water points and health stations.

How we engage the community and youth


Drama shows are one of the most important educational tools for youth club members. It allows them to show their community what problems can arise in everyday life – and how to solve them!


Some youth clubs have bands. They write their own songs, in which they also incorporate educational topics. They usually perform spontaneously in public places, like here at an Ethiopian bus stop. A large audience is quickly found.

Information events

Information events are held in a variety of public places to reach as many people of all ages as possible. We also distribute information material.

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