DSW Ethiopia: SRH Youth Clubs Exhibit Best Practices

Esayas Meskel Ethiopia, Sexual and Reproductive Health

For fifth time in a row, the annual performances of best practices by SRH youth clubs have been reviewed by DSW in the presence of key stakeholders on January 2, 2017 at DSW-Bonita Youth Development Center. To mark the occasion, representatives from forty-six youth clubs have exhibited their best practices. During this annual review meeting, the effectiveness of club-based approach …

Celebrating World Population Day in Ethiopia!

Esayas Meskel Ethiopia, Population Dynamics, Support for Girls in Development

DSW Ethiopia Observes World Population Day ‘World Population Day’ was celebrated here in Ethiopia under the theme of “Investing in Teenage Girls.” This year’s World Population Day was observed in Ethiopia for the 23rd time since 1993. This year, the Amhara regional capital, Bahir Dar, hosted an event to honour world population day both at national and regional levels. A series …


A look at…DSW Ethiopia!

Shane O'Halloran Development Cooperation, Ethiopia, Introducing..., News, Youth Empowerment

In the summer of 1994, right after the first International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) took event in Cairo, Egypt at which DSW participated; a new thinking had paved the path for a platform to an active campaign of SRHR issues in Ethiopia by DSW. Prior to its proactive engagement that eventually led to the opening up a country …