DSW showcased the Youth Can mobile application at the National Health Exhibition 2023

Blog | 09. August 2023

The National Health Exhibition was held at the Ethiopia Museum of Art and Science, a national science museum in the heart of Addis Abeba. The exhibition took place from June 20 to July 27, 2023. Minister of Health, Dr. Lia Tadesse, stated that the National Health Exhibition was conducted under the theme “Harnessing the power of technology and digital solutions for a prosperous and healthier future”. The Ministry of Health, together with the Ethiopian Healthcare Federation, conveyed the National Health Exhibition 2023, which showcased some of the latest advancements in healthcare, from innovative medical devices to groundbreaking research, through the joint efforts of government, academia, the private sector, development partners, health professional associations, and more. The exhibition aimed to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among stakeholders, promoting the adoption of technology-driven solutions to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes in Ethiopia. It provided a platform for networking and exploring potential partnerships, ultimately paving the way for a more prosperous and healthier future for the country. At the exhibition, various organisations showcased their innovative healthcare technologies and solutions. These included telemedicine platforms, electronic medical record systems, and mobile health applications that have the potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery in Ethiopia. Additionally, experts from different fields conducted informative sessions and workshops to educate attendees on the benefits and implementation of these technologies, further enhancing the knowledge-sharing aspect of the exhibition.

Young people’s empowerment and access to healthcare information were the main objectives of DSW’s activities at the National Health Exhibition. DSW aimed to give young people a platform through the “Youth Can” mobile application to easily access reliable and accurate healthcare information. DSW was concerned with ensuring that young people had the information and resources necessary to make wise decisions about their health, so it encouraged youth empowerment. The “Youth Can” mobile application, developed by DSW, was also marketed as a useful resource for empowering young people and providing them with quick access to reliable healthcare information.

The “Youth Can” mobile application from DSW aims to give young people access to resources and information regarding sexual and reproductive health. The application offers a variety of educational resources, including videos, articles, and interactive quizzes, and has an intuitive user interface. For those in need of additional assistance or direction, it also provides access to private helplines and clinics. By enabling young people to make knowledgeable decisions about their sexual and reproductive health through the “Youth Can” mobile application, DSW hopes to encourage healthier lifestyles, lower the prevalence of STIs, and prevent unintended pregnancies. The app also features a private chat feature where users can ask questions and get tailored guidance from qualified healthcare experts. Through this, we ensure that young people can access trustworthy information and support without worrying about stigma or judgment. The app also offers a ton of educational materials, such as articles and videos, to further equip users with information on sexual and reproductive health.  At the exhibition, DSW emphasised how the app is a helpful resource for young people in Ethiopia because it offers information on contraception, HIV prevention, and other crucial subjects. DSW also intends to work with nearby schools and community centres to broaden the app’s audience in order to give every young person access to this useful tool.

During the exhibition, some visitors downloaded the “Youth Can app” from the Google Play store and expressed their excitement about its features and potential influence on youth empowerment. By offering them resources and tools to improve their skills and knowledge, the “Youth Can” mobile application will empower young people. The app received positive feedback from users who recognized its potential to improve the lives of young people due to features like career guidance, educational resources, and mentorship opportunities.  Some visitors even said they intended to tell their friends and organisations that support youth empowerment about the app. Attendees praised the app’s user-friendly design and interactive features, viewing it as an effective tool for fostering positive behavior change and promoting health education. They also liked how the app could tailor content to users’ preferences and needs, making it more interesting and pertinent for them. Many people expressed their enthusiasm for the app’s potential to close the knowledge gap between young people and useful resources, ultimately enabling them to make wise decisions and confidently pursue their goals.

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Esayas Gebre-Meskel


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