Age-appropriate family planning and “mobile nurses”

In Ethiopia, one in three young people between the ages of 15 and 19 has an unmet need for contraceptives. This is often because family planning counselling is not tailored to young people. Young people who ask about contraception are often shamed. Many adolescents, especially in rural areas, do not know who they can turn to confidentially with their questions. This project helps to solve these issues.

So-called “youth-friendly clinics” are set up in a total of five DSW youth empowerment centres. The focus of these youth friendly clinics is counselling and access to contraceptives. Trained nurses also administer long-term contraception such as hormone implants and injections directly here on request. Even though many contraceptives are primarily suitable for women, the services are equally aimed at young men as testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases is also possible at the clinics. Discretion and a lot of privacy give the young people security and take away their shame and fear. The clinics are supplemented by mobile nurses who travel to rural areas. Therefore even young people who live far away from the clinics are able to receive the services.

Miriam Riechers

Key activities

Equipment of clinic rooms

Youth-friendly equipment of clinic rooms in youth empowerment centres

Training of specialised personnel

Training of nurses (mobile and non-mobile) and peer educators in youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health services.

Training for contraceptives

Training of nurses (mobile and non-mobile) in modern family planning methods such as the contraceptive pill, three-month injections, IUDs and emergency contraception.

Health offers

Adolescent health services and mobile sexual and reproductive health services for young women in the communities close to the clinics.

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