More health in the workplace

Many young people in Ethiopia start working at an early age. The youngest women on the large flower farms in Oromia (Ethiopia) are 15 years old – an age at which access to information around sexual and reproductive health and rights is very important. To ensure that the young people have the opportunity to exchange information on these topics in addition to their factory work, DSW has created an information service directly on the flower farms.

Contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, but also gender-based and sexualised violence are among the topics that concern young people. On the flower farms, DSW organises discussion groups where especially young women exchange their views. DSW also offers training for young people who want to become politically active.

For the referral of the flower workers, but also other young people, age-appropriate counseling centres are also set up in the nearby local health centres.

Miriam Riechers


Youth dialogues

Organisation and implementation of youth dialogues in the flower farms


Conducting training sessions on gender roles and life skills


Conducting workshops on national and regional legal frameworks to ensure sexual and reproductive health and rights in the workplace


Creation and distribution of newsletters, posters and brochures and use of social media in the factories


Establishment of youth-friendly counselling centres in local health facilities


Training of youth activists

Panel discussions

Hold biannual panel discussions on gender roles and gender-based violence.

Legal frameworks

Establish legal frameworks to ensure sexual and reproductive health and rights in the workplace

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