My health – My school

The rate of teenage pregnancies in Tanzania is one of the highest in the world: 27 percent of girls between the ages of 15 and 19 are pregnant or already have their first child. Too often, this means the end of their school career. Poverty and financial dependency often have repercussions for the next generations. Early pregnancies also carry a high health risk – complications that are dangerous for mother and child occur much more often. With the project “My Health – My School” we break this spiral.

Young people in Tanzania have many questions about sexual and reproductive health, but hardly any protected places where they can get answers. The taboo of sexuality, lack of youth-friendly education and a lack of contraceptives are the main reasons for teenage pregnancies there. Many girls and young women also experience sexualised and gender-based violence. With the project “My Health – My School”, contact points for young people are being created in seven secondary schools in Tanzania’s capital Dodoma. There, they receive information about sexuality and contraceptives. They also talk about their experiences of violence and learn about their rights.

Based on the concept of DSW’s youth clubs, young people are trained to educate each other at eye level. Together with liaison teachers, head teachers and education representatives from local politics, DSW ensures that pupils are aware of the offer that are available and make use of them. Last but not least, we continue to campaign for pregnant girls and young mothers to be able to go to school. Although Tanzania has recently lifted the school ban for pregnant girls and young mothers, many girls still face insurmountable barriers.

Miriam Riechers


Setting up youth clubs

56 youth clubs will be set up in 7 secondary schools

Training of counsellors

Training of youth counsellors in the areas of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and sexualised and gender-based violence, who pass on their knowledge to their peers

Training for teachers

Training for liaison teachers, head teachers and local education officers

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