Transparent and secure

With the DZI donation seal and the Transparent Civil Society Initiative, you can be sure: All of the donations we receive end up where they are supposed to.

The DZI donation seal: outstandingly economical

For more than ten years now, Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung (DSW) has received the seal of approval from the Deutsches Zentralinstituts für Soziale Fragen (DZI) for the careful use of the funds entrusted to it. The certified proportion of advertising and administrative costs of around 18 percent is a very good result. For more than 20 years, the DZI donation seal has stood for verified transparency and efficiency in the donation sector. It is only awarded to aid organisations that can demonstrate transparent and proper use of donations within the framework of prudent financial management.

  • truthful, clear and factual advertising in words and images,
  • verifiable, economical and statutory use of funds in compliance with relevant tax regulations, clear and understandable accounting,
  • audit of the annual financial statements and corresponding submission to the DZI,
  • internal monitoring of the management body by an independent supervisory body,
  • no bonuses, commissions or profit sharing are paid for fundraising.

For more information on the DZI donation seal please visit:

Transparent Civil Society Initiative (Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft)

We participate in the Transparent Civil Society Initiative. We would therefore like to provide all interested parties, supporters, sponsors and donors with the most important information about Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung (DSW) at a glance in just ten points.

  1. Name, address and year of foundation of our organisation:
    Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung (DSW)
    Loebensteinstraße 25
    30175 Hannover
    It was founded in 1991 as a private charitable foundation by Erhard Schreiber and Dirk Roßmann.
  2. You can find our statutes here (PDF).
    You can find out more about our topics and goals here.
  3. The date of the most recent notice from the tax office regarding recognition as a tax-privileged (non-profit) corporation is 12.04.2023. Tax number 25/206/36453, our tax office is Hannover-Nord.
  4. Our decision-makers are made up of our Board of Trustees, our Executive Board and our Executive Team.
  5. You can find out about all our activities in our current annual report (in German). You will also find relevant information under the heading Projects.
  6. The organisation has 168 permanent employees worldwide (as of 31 December 2021).
  7. Our source of funds …
  8. … and their utilisation can be found in our current annual report (in German).
  9. Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung (DSW) is a member of numerous alliances.
  10. In 2022, we received donations amounting to more than 10 per cent of our total annual revenue from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Rossmann GmbH. You can find more information about the Transparent Civil Society Initiative at

Submit a complaint

People inside and outside DSW can report unethical behaviour or suspected fraud in DSW projects anonymously and online. All complaints are carefully investigated.