Make a contribution by celebrating

On special occasions such as birthdays, weddings or the birth of a child, we like to celebrate with family and friends. But sometimes we ask ourselves: “What should I wish for? I have everything and I don’t need anything. What if we shared our happiness and asked for donations for really important things instead of gifts?”

By making a donation to DSW, you will be demonstrating your commitment to sustainable population development and giving young people in East Africa a reason to celebrate: thanks to your support, they have more freedom of choice!

A source of inspiration

Your opportunities to collect donations:

School-leaving qualification
Communion / Confirmation
Summer festival
Birth of a baby

How does it work

Set up a donation box at your event.


  1. We will send you information material to display at the event.
  2. We will personally advise you on how your donation will be used.
  3. You will receive a donation receipt for the full amount.

Please mention our donation account on the invitation and choose a keyword (e.g. “Manuela’s birthday”) so that we can allocate the donations. Alternatively, you can use our online donation form. You can also print the link as a QR code ( on your invitations. Tell us your donation keyword (e.g. “Manuela’s Birthday”) and ask your guests to write it in the comments field on the online donation form.


  1. We will send you information material to display at your event.
  2. We will give you personal advice on which project suits you best.
  3. You will let you know how much has been donated in your name.
  4. We will issue donation receipts for donations of €60 or more. To do this, we need the donors’ addresses.

We can easily create your own small campaign! On our website we can set up a fundraising campaign for your event in no time at all.


  1. You can share your personal fundraising campaign with your potential donors.
  2. You can see who has donated.
  3. Donors can leave a personal message.
  4. You can set a fundraising target to motivate your friends.
  5. Each of your donors receives a donation receipt (for donations of €60 and above).

Your contact persons

Sina Rabe

Head of Fundraising Unit

Telephone: +49 511 94373-15
Email: sina.rabe[at]

Carola Ahlborn-Schuklies

Fundraising Officer

Telephone: +49 511 94373-13
Email: carola.ahlborn-schuklies[at]

Anke Witte

Senior Fundraising Officer

Telephone: +49 511 94373-32
Email: anke.witte[at]

Our donations account

Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung (DSW)
IBAN: DE56 2504 0066 0383 8380 00
Or donate online here